A woman tripped over next to ‘Beacon’

Today I was walking past the site of ‘Beacon’ and a woman fell over very close to where the beacon had lay.  I was the closest person to her when this happened so I rushed over to see how she was.  She said that she was fine, not injured.  However, she said ‘I’m so embarrassed’.  I said that I was pleased she was okay and we said goodbye.

I reflected on this afterwards.  The whole thing about the beacon not allowing itself to be sick and the metaphor of how that has applied in my life came to mind.  I identified very much with what this woman was saying.  She had fallen over and appeared quite shocked even if not physically injured.  However, she was very keen to get up and say she was fine.  Her embarrassment at not being okay is exactly what I would feel in her situation.

This is why ‘Beacon’ was such a strong metaphor for the way that I have approached sickness, accidents and other difficulties in my life.