It’s the disruption to normality that has made art here

The area around ‘Beacon’ is really changing.  It must now be close to the end of the construction work.  There is still no indication of what will happen to the beacons, whether the zebra crossing will be returned to normal functionality.

I have the feeling that the work is coming to an end.  Even if the beacon is returned to the crossing, I am now clear that it will no longer be the same art work.  One of the reasons why I believe this to be true is that it’s the disruption that has provided the opening for art to occur here.  It’s not normal to see a flashing belisha beacon on its side.  It’s this disruption to normality that catches my attention.

The other belisha beacon (the one still standing at the ‘crossing’) is now part of an overall installation but, by itself, it is not as interesting as the beacon that has been on the floor.  It’s the disruption that makes the opening for something creative to happen.