‘Beacon’ has come to an end

This morning both beacons have been removed.  This has brought the work ‘Beacon’ to an end.

It’s a bit of a shock for them to be completely removed and not put back in their old place.  However, I do have a feeling that this is the best way to close the art work.  As I have discussed in previous posts, it wouldn’t have been the same art work if the lying down beacon had been returned to its normal position.  A clean end to the work seems appropriate.

Also, seeing ‘Beacon’ as an work has been made even stronger by its removal.  The continuous flashing throughout the whole work was not because the beacon would be re-positioned in its old location.  The flashing was completely futile and purposeless in terms of its normal function and also the construction work.  It therefore leaves open the possibility that the only sense to be made of this is through art.  It feels as if the flashing continued because it was an art work. I’m happy about this.