The thought of an art work

Having walked through the space previously occupied by ‘Beacon’ on a daily basis, I have realised that I am still engaging with the space.

The removal of the work created a sense of physical loss and that was my focus at the time of the event.

However, as the days have passed, I have come to realise that the work is very much still alive.  When I stand on the spot where the beacon lay, I can still experience the work.

This raises a fascinating possibility.  To what extent to other people need to see the work in order to be able to engage with it?

I have a friend who, two years ago, described a piece of his art work to me.  I have never seen the work but he described it so well that I have a good picture of it in my mind.  After two years, the image of the work is very strong even though I did not actually see it.  I’m wondering how my current thought of his art work would compare with the thought I would have if I had seen it two years ago?  I have a gut feeling that the thought might not be so different.

So this is something that I am really interested in exploring in my work.  I’m seriously considering including this work in the Radical Gallery Tunbridge Wells that I have been activating.  If I lead others in a walk around the work, I’m going to try including this work.  I will describe my experience of the work in the actual space that it occupied.  It will be interesting to see whether anyone else can have an experience with the work as a result of this.