Reaction to ‘Beacon’

As of today, I have completed six walks around the Radical Gallery Tunbridge Wells with a total of 14 people.

I’ve enjoyed bringing ‘Beacon’ back to life.  For me, the work is very much there and I really appreciate being able to occupy the space that it occupied.  Recently I’ve been thinking about the density of particular spaces.  It feels like a good word to describe how certain spaces (e.g. the space inside a cube) feel different to others.  There is a resonance, an energy of the work that remains and I seem to be communicating that to people.

photo 1

This is one of the works where it feels like I have to be present for the art work to be active for new viewers.  There is no doubt that my enthusiasm about, and faith in, ‘Beacon’ is selling the work to participants in the Radical Gallery Tunbridge Wells.  But I am interested in exploring how much it is true.

Eventually I will have a podcast of me talking about the work so that people can visit the work by themselves yet hear my experience of it.  This website is making the works available and communicating my experience of them through the blog.  I’m interested to see whether these other means of experiencing the work (i.e. without my physical presence) are as effective in activating these as authentic art works.